About Us

Our intention is to bring some fun and touches back to consumer’s lives by providing products suitable for their daily use and needs and we hope to connect directly through our products.Our guiding light is creating products that are functional and durable but not flashy ones. All of our products are produced from environmentally friendly and recyclable raw materials because we know there is only one earth and taking care of it requires everyone’s efforts.

Why Fenger

Behind the seemingly ordinary products we pay attention to individual usage experience and needs of consumers and hope to create a connection with them by releasing products that consumers feel practical and use comfortable.

What We Believe

A common household product can also be a person’s best friend, adding some fun to the bland and fast life we lead.Flashy products aren’t what we’re looking for. We design and develop products that are durable and functional, and through fine detailing they will become an important part of people’ s lives.