Our Material

Stainless Steel

We use stainless steel for superior corrosion, rust resistance, and 100% recyclability. Plus, this material is known for its durability, fire and heat resistance, hygiene, and most importantly the long-term value. While stainless steel may be hard to avoid scratches, bumps, or dents, it can take advantage of these properties to personalize and add extra character to the product.


With the strong controversy about the use of plastics, we made it our goal to use as few of them as we can. We make sure our plastics are BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free, and most importantly they are made to last rather than single-use ones. In this way, our product won’t be the source of continuous pollution to our earth.


We use food-grade silicone which is an extremely durable and ocean-friendly material as it doesn't break down when lost in the environment into micro pieces. It can easily resist oxidative deterioration for decades and can withstand a variety of challenges, including exposure to extreme heat and cold, harsh chemicals, etc.

Kraft Paper

The packaging of our products is made from unbleached kraft paper which is a naturally biodegradable material. Kraft paper stands out from other packaging materials due to its high resistance to tears and can be stiff and solid without being heavy. When a product is purchased, there was always a strong concern about protection, yet we found the perfect solution, kraft paper, to protect goods in transit during packaging and shipping.

Tyvek Paper

It is a 100% synthetic fabric which is impressive for its strength-to-weight ratio. It is extremely rugged and resistant to tears, punctures, water, and chemicals, and can withstand harsh outdoor environments without additional protective coatings. It features the best blends of paper and fabric, and the texture will also become more vintage over time. Besides, it is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice as the primary material of our commuter bags.