What are the benefits of 18/8 stainless steel?

18/8 stainless steel is comprised of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is a food-grade material that widely used for kitchenware and tableware. It is durable, corrosion-resistant, oxidizing acids resistant, and nonabsorbent. It is finished to have a smooth, easily cleanable surface, and can prevent the migration of deleterious substances or impart colors, odors, or tastes to food.

Are your products safe?

Absolutely Yes! We put the health and safety of our customers first. We use high quality, food-grade safe raw materials, and all of our products are BPA/BPS free. We share complete and detailed product information to help you make informed choices.

Can I put the stainless steel lunch box in the microwave?

Our stainless steel lunch box can be used in the microwave for heating food provided the instructions for use are followed. However, it is not suitable to use for cooking purpose in the microwave.

How do I clean the stainless steel products?

Please use a soft sponge for cleaning. Do not use cleaners with coarse particles, steel wire brushes, stainless steel scrubbers or other cleaning appliances that will scratch the product.

How do I clean the limescale which may appear on the stainless steel products?

The remaining limescale after cleaning the stainless steel body is mainly the precipitation of minerals in the tap water. Please use white vinegar or baking soda powder with heated water to remove the limescale. After cleaning, please wipe the container with a dry cleaning cloth.

Can I put carbonated drinks in the water bottle?

No, you cannot put carbonated drinks in our water bottle. The double-layer insulated stainless steel bottle has a complete seal. If the carbonated beverage is filled, there will be high risk that the lid be ejected when opening due to the large amount of carbon dioxide generated inside.